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Beard Comb

Beard Comb

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Your Beard is perfectly styled and shaped by using the comb and contributes to your well-groomed appearance. Made with natural wood to be gentle on the skin and allow proper redistribution of your facial oils without drying it out or causing itch. This beard wood comb is what your beard needs.



This comb has two sides, One side has particularly fine teeth which is designed to really comb and unknit your beard while the other side has teeth in standard size which is more suitable for styling your beard.

The wood has a look and feel which is completely natural and the finish of this product makes sure the material feels great for your beard but also in your hand.

The comb is delivered in a fitting leather case, this way the comb is well protected to prevent scratches and bumps but it also makes for a nice travel case and allows you to take your comb anywhere and creates the opportunity for you to comb and style your beard anywhere.

The comb fits conveniently in your hand and thus allows a pleasant experience when you take care of your beard.



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