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Moisture kit with lavender infused deep conditioner

Moisture kit with lavender infused deep conditioner

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This kit doesn’t include the leave in hair butter! You have to add the hair butter to cart separately or get the full hair growth kit.

Your go to hair kit to take your hair from 0-100 real quick!!!

Don’t have time for an elaborate wash session? This 4 step kit is all you need. Contains a conditioning shampoo, lavender infused deep conditioner, 3in1 leave in conditioner, hair growth and rejuvenating oil.


It’s bye to breakage, dryness and dull curls. Cleanse, nourish, hydrate and oil are the basic steps to getting your hair popping, that is what this kit is offering you.

A simple and nourishing routine with the best products for your hair type.

Conditioning shampoo as the name implies not only cleanse your scalp and hair but hoes on to moisturize and condition it. Lavender infused deep conditioner is an intense moisture treatment that will instantly rejuvenate your dry hair and define your curls. 3in1 Leave in conditioner is your go to leave in conditioner to hydrate your hair during and after washday...gotta replenish. Hair growth and rejuvenating oil helps to stimulate growth, seal in moisture and treat scalp issues like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.


This kit is literally all your hair needs. Comes with a step by step routine instruction.

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