What Texturizer and Relaxer do to your hair


In this post, we will be debunking myths and highlighting facts regarding what texturizer and relaxer do to your hair.

More and more naturalistas are considering taking a break from their natural curls by considering these chemical products. We hear statements like, “Keeping natural hair is so stressful, I’m going for a texturizer or a relaxer.” Now, hold up a minute! It is vital to have adequate information about these products before making that major change.

In this post, we wish to accomplish just that and debunk certain myths regarding them.

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MYTH 1 – Texturizer is a More Natural Product than Relaxers:

A lot of people believe there’s such a thing as a “natural texturizer” because a texturizer retains some curls.

FACT 1 – Texturizer and Relaxer are Both Chemical Products:

A texturizer contains similar chemicals to a relaxer, having sodium hydroxide (in the lye formula) and calcium hydroxide (in no-lye formula). When a texturizer is applied on natural curls, the chemical breaks the hydrogen bonds in cysteine and alters the protein structure of the hair resulting in looser curls. A texturizer requires shorter time in your hair than a relaxer. But the fact remains, they are not natural products.

MYTH 2 – Your Hair is Still Natural with a Texturizer:

You may have heard, “your hair will be still natural.” because a texturizer doesn’t necessarily take your curls away.

FACT 2 – Your Hair is no Longer Considered Natural:

Applying a texturizer or relaxer on your natural hair means you have processed your hair. You will need to reapply a texturizer on your new growth to maintain a consistent curl pattern.

MYTH 3 – Texturizer and Relaxers Makes Your Hair Soft:

True, a relaxer straightens out your hair, while a texturizer chemically loosen your curls, this gives an impression that it softens or makes hair more manageable to comb, style or detangling.

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FACT 3 – They Will Dry Your Hair Out:

The chemicals contained in these products are damaging and will also dry out your hair and make it more prone to frizzes. It also strips your hair of its natural protein and leaves it fragile; you will need to apply a lot more moisturizing products and treatments on your hair to keep it healthy.


A texturizer and relaxer are both chemical products that will change the structure of your hair permanently, you will need to grow out or cut off your hair if you wish to go back to your natural hair texture.

If your reason for considering these chemicals products is simply due to difficulty managing your natural curls, we have organic products available at our store that can help you in your hair care and hair growth journey while still maintaining your natural curls. You can also consult with us for better understanding of your hair needs.

However, if that permanent change is what you are ready for, go for it. You can still maintain a healthy relaxed hair, check out our store for helpful products.



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