How to tell your natural hair type


‘How can I know my natural hair type?’ ‘How can I tell my hair texture?’ ‘What is my hair type?’ ‘Is my hair wavy, curly or coily?’

These are some of the questions we get a lot at Ziiza Empire, so we decided to dedicate this post to answering these questions and helping you discover what your natural hair type is for sure.

It is very important to know your natural hair type, because it will help you in determining the best care hair practices for it. And also, the right products and styles to achieve with your hair.

For this post, we’ll be considering Andre Walker’s method which classifies hair according to one of the four curl patterns. That is; straight, wavy, curly or kinky which are further divided into subcategories A, B, C based on the tightness or looseness of your curls or coils.

So stay close as we get into this:

Straight Hair: Type 1

If you have a type one hair, it means your hair is bone straight from the root of the hair to the very tip. Your strands possess no curls. They are particularly silky, shiny and soft.

Type 1A:

This is like a fine baby hair, they are very straight.

Type 1B:

Type 1B is also in the straight hair category. However, usually with a very slight bend at the ends of the strands which should not be mistaken for a curl.

Type 1C:

This is thicker and fuller, having few waves hiding in the underbrush and are known to hold curls pretty well.

Wavy hair: Type 2

A wavy hair falls in-between curly and straight. If your hair falls under this category, you will have a very loose “S” curl pattern that lays closer to the head and they have an occasional bend on each strand.

Type 2A:

Type 2A hair have thin waves.

Type 2B:

This has medium wavy hair.

Type 2C:

This has thick wavy and bouncy hair.

Curly Hair: Type 3

A Type 3 hair has a defined S-pattern on its strands which are usually springy and spiral. They range from being loose to tight, can get tangled quickly and are usually very prone to frizzes; having a higher density as compared to the straight and wavy hair.

Type 3A:

These strands tend to be with loose curls and are usually shiny.

Type 3B:

This has medium-sized curls springing from the roots.

Type 3C:

Type 3C has tighter curls.

Kinky or Coily hair: Type 4

A Type 4 hair is the most coarse and kinky of all types of natural hair; they may look rough and dry but are really fragile, prone to breakage and shrinkage since their curls are tight in a zig-zag or Z-pattern.

Type 4A

This is soft and has a dense and springy S-pattern coils

Type 4B:

Wiry, can bend into sharp angles like a Z-pattern.

Type 4C:

This is tightly coiled strands and more fragile.

To Conclude:

Natural hair is vast, so you should not feel constrained to one curl pattern. It is possible for your hair to have two or more types. The key is to understand what each type needs to keep it healthy and for proper styling.



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