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…UNTIL years of lack of good products and knowledge led her to losing her hair to damage.

This led to years of research on the African hair and all the solutions Mother Nature had for our hair.

Coupled with the increased health hazards from available chemically laden hair products and the unavailability of products specific to our African hair- Ziiza saw a gap that needed to be filled and started Ziiza Empire.


Our products are specially formulated to aid and stimulate growth, improve scalp health, stop breakage, infuse moisture and strengthen the hair strands.

All our ingredients are scientifically tested and proven. Our products have been used and trusted by Africans home and abroad.

We make use of authentic and safe products that can be all on all hair types, male and female. See reviews here.


In order to curb the lack of hair advisory services and an increased importation of hair products from outside Africa, Ziiza Empire was created to provide platforms, products and services to protect the heritage of African hair.

The Ziiza Empire brand continually believes that women deserve African friendly products which simultaneously encourage economic activity across the continent while promoting African resource and products use globally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is being a brand that provides healthy hair products and services that promotes the right knowledge and practices while appreciating our natural resources.

Our Mission

Becoming a global brand available to Africans home and abroad while making them appreciate their natural beauty.

Our Core Values

Authentic, Customer oriented, Honesty and Integrity, Safe and healthy, Creative, Faith, Kindness, Quality, Reliable

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